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Imagine if an important server's DNS A record suddenly gets changed to the wrong IP. DDNS can sometimes go on a walkabout and it's important to know where to start troubleshooting if this happens.Let's demonstrate a typical troubleshooting scenario that you may come across with DDNS.Similarly, steps 6-8 update the inverse mapping from the IP address to the domain name (type PTR RR).

To successfully update, the AD computer account needs to have Modify rights to its own dns Node AD object.This can get complicated so if you suspect this is the case, we advise checking out this blog post entitled How to Fix Dynamic DNS Record Permissions Automagically. Temporarily enable DNS debug logging on your DNS server Enabling debug logging on your DNS server allows the server to begin generating a debug log of all dynamic update activity. We have a Power Shell script to ease the pain by displaying the content in a more user-friendly format.Feel free to refer to this blog post for more information on the script and how to use it.If it's started, ensure there's no events in the computer's System event log that indicate a problem. Check the advanced DNS client NIC setting The "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" should be on by default, but we've seen instances where it's disabled through some kind of policy.This must be checked for the DDNS process to proceed.

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